Case Studies


  • Case Study: Zenos performs lead generation for a computer software company

Developing a multi-functional software solution is a long journey that requires countless hours of hard work, self-motivation and advanced problem-solving skills. But, unfortunately, even once the solution has been made, the work does not end there.

  • Case Study: A digital marketing agency entering a new market with Zenos

Entering a new market is possible only with a well-prepared marketing strategy. A business partner like Zenos can help in implementing that strategy.

  • Case Study: Starting a new business does not have to be difficult

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make when starting their own business from scratch is thinking that they should do everything on their own, or the so-called DIY (do it yourself) attitude. Starting a small business, especially an OPC (one-person company) involves so many different tasks that no person can do them all well.

  • Case Study: Attracting new social media followers to a restaurant’s page

Food is both a necessity and a pleasure, and social media has been overwhelmed with foodies in the last decade. An organic-food restaurant knew they had amazing food to offer but was struggling with their online presence.

  • Case Study: Data entry for a pharma company increased the operational efficiency

Each year, pharma companies focus on an event called CPhI where both niche and top buyers and sellers come together under one roof in nine event locations around the world. This is the biggest event in the industry, and it attracts more than 40.000 attendees.

  • Case Study: Zenos provides support to an online University in migration to a new learning management system

Online education providers have experienced increased popularity in the last decade. One of our clients is an online University which provides academic degrees in Business and Management science.

  • Case Study – Development of a Class 1 FDA Medical Device

To align the right product to the right market requires a bridge of well vetted information and data.  Zenos was able to help construct that bridge for my company while developing a class 1 FDA medical device – a specialty wheelchair cushion. Creating such a bridge was not only invaluable, but also strategic to help define the right milestones to set at the right time.

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