Case Study: A digital marketing agency entering a new market with Zenos

Case Study: A digital marketing agency entering a new market with Zenos

Entering a new market is possible only with a well-prepared marketing strategy. A business partner like Zenos can help in implementing that strategy. This was the case with a digital marketing agency which was keen on entering the market of South East Europe, primarily countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. Taking into account the specificities of that market, they were looking for a local partner to help them execute the strategy in a cost-effective way.

The first thing that Zenos did was translate the corporate website content of the client in the local language, in order to be able to launch the new version of the website. This was successful not only because of the language skills we have, but also because we were familiar with the technical terminology thanks to our expertise in industries like Marketing and Advertising, Internet and Computer Software. Then, we did a market research on the current competitor landscape and customer purchase power.

Finally, we performed lead generation for the client. We analyzed the ideal customer profile; companies which would be interested in the services offered by the digital marketing agency. Then, we performed a thorough research via LinkedIn, the public domain, business registers and other sources in order to create a database of potential clients and their decision makers. This was followed by initiating contact through e-mails, direct LinkedIn messages and phone calls. Once each lead was qualified, we would hand it over to the client’s International Sales team, and they would continue the discussion.

Zenos was proud to be able to provide local business intelligence, as well as to put to use our strategic management knowledge, together with our language skills and expertise in lead generation. The digital marketing agency was happy to have a footprint in these markets and plans to replicate the same model on German-speaking markets. Together with Zenos, of course.

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