Case Study: Data entry for a pharma company increased the operational efficiency

Case Study: Data entry for a pharma company increased the operational efficiency


Each year, pharma companies focus on an event called CPhI where both niche and top buyers and sellers come together under one roof in nine event locations around the world. This is the biggest event in the industry, and it attracts more than 40.000 attendees.

A medium-sized European pharma company attended the conference and came back, as many others, with a large stack of product brochures and portfolios of other companies.

As they wanted to share the information gathered with other team members and partners, they found themselves drowned in the tedious process of data entry into a database: copying, typing and retyping all the brand names, INNs (international nonproprietary names), dosage forms and other data from both electronic documents and hard copies.

They were losing precious time to focus on following up with all the partner they met on the conference, so Zenos team provided support.


The solution we offered was simple: we took over the full data entry into the client’s database. Providing full-time devotion to the task enabled us to include more than 2.000 entries into the client’s database in less than 3 days.

Thanks to the expertise she has in the industry terminology, our co-founder was able to do a quality check and ensure the data entry was accurate. While we performed the work, the client was able to focus on following up with their partners in parallel.

They were happy to invest their time in their core business activities, while we worked on the back-office support. Ad hoc admin support in times of increased workload is essential for operational efficiency and growth, so we are happy to offer our support for the next CPhI again.

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