Case Study: Starting a new business does not have to be difficult

Case Study: Starting a new business does not have to be difficult

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make when starting their own business from scratch is thinking that they should do everything on their own, or the so-called DIY (do it yourself) attitude.Starting a small business, especially an OPC (one-person company) involves so many different tasks that no person can do them all well. Even if the person perfected their skills and knowledge to be able to perform all those activities, they are still constrained by time. So, when one entrepreneur decided to start his own translation and localization business, he reached out to Zenos for help.

While in the pre-revenue stage, a common attitude of companies is that they cannot afford to hire help. But if you ask someone when starting their business what takes too much of their time, they will usually say: boring admin work. And they might add that this is keeping them from focusing on contacting new clients or improving the product/service offering. So, we ask: “If you could pay $10 an hour for someone to do that paperwork for you, would that free up enough time and allow you to bring in more money?

This client was familiar with this logic already, so he entrusted us with taking care of the “boring work” while he focused on his core business. So, Zenos did a little bit of everything because that is exactly what a new company needs. From classical virtual assistant tasks like data entry and file management, to marketing activities like help in setting up the website and social media profiles, we were that extra pair of hands that the business owner was missing.

The result was seen immediately, as the company was able to start providing the services very soon, thanks to the time saved. While we took care of the peripheral activities, the business owner was busy approaching clients and arranging new deals. He was able to see a quick return on investment and continued to use our services on an ad-hoc basis. We look forward to seeing this company flourish in the upcoming years.

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