One of the main hiring criteria for our project managers is fluency in English. Although our project managers are not native speakers, they are all comfortable in both written and oral communication in English on a daily basis. We invest in their language skills when needed, in order to make the cooperation with our clients as smooth as possible.

Feel free to initiate contact with us at any point in time through our communication channels listed in our Contact section. We would be more than happy to discuss your needs and our potential solutions. If you would like to understand the process of our cooperation in detail, please refer to the section Clients, where you will find the entire process explained in the subsection Working with Us.

No, you would not. zenos is a registered company with full-time and part-time employees, not freelancers. Each member of the team operates under the standard operating procedures that are in place and follows the internal quality standards in their work.

We implement a quality check on all the work done which reduces the risk of human error. As a legal
entity, Zenos commits to all the provisions of the service agreements in place with our clients, relying on
a unit, not one individual. Zenos works as a team and is able to offer a wider skillset, comprised of
versatile profiles. And finally, we might not offer prices as competitive as a single freelancer would, but
we believe the added value justifies that.

Taking into consideration factors such as type of services required, the urgency, nature of the project, systems that the client has in place and software that is to be used, typically it takes somewhere between one to two weeks to start smaller one-time projects and roughly around one month to start long-term projects.

Our hiring procedure ensures that we hire only professionals with the required skills and background. All work goes through quality check by a senior team member. We do not outsource to third-party providers to control quality or reduce costs. The people assigned to your project are the ones who do the actual work.

The team is located in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is in Central European Time (CET) zone.

The data our project managers access does not leave the office. Each team member undergoes a background check before being hired and is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement covering the protection of client information and intellectual property. We believe this multi-layer security solution instills trust in us.

Although there are multiple factors that influence this, as a general rule, companies can typically expect to see a 50-80% savings on variable expenditures when outsourcing.

We are here to act as an extension to your team, not to replace it. With various packages and tailor- made solutions, we can help businesses when they are experiencing periods of increased workloads but may not want to increase their headcount.

Our team is made of a wide skillset and we would be more than happy to discuss the work you need to
be done. If we can help, we will offer you a solution for your consideration. If we cannot help, we will do
our best to direct you to someone who can.

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