The majority of our clients are in the Internet business. The team collectively already has a sound knowledge of the industry, as well as hands on experience in supporting companies that provide their products and services online. Check out this Case Study  to find out more.


Our co-founder Ema is not just a successful entrepreneur, she also holds a degree in food science and technology, making her an expert in nutrition. We decided to put her knowledge to use and help companies that are in the nutrition business to build a strong online presence thanks to her guidance and support in content writing and social media posts. If you want to see our expertise in this industry, check out our nutrition-oriented Instagram profile , as well as this Case Study

Marketing and Advertising

Few of our team members have a strong academic and practical background in Marketing, and that is why we were able to support one of our clients with a marketing strategy for entering a new market, you can read more about it in this Case Study. On the other hand, the Marketing and Advertising industry nowadays evolves primarily around the social media presence. Zlatan is our Instagram wizard, and if you can check our Instagram work on these profiles:

Computer Software

Starting a business in an industry as highly competitive as computer software can be overwhelming. In the abundance of different software solutions, we enable our clients to focus on the much necessary technical work on improving their product or service, while we take care of their documentation, lead generation and marketing. You can find more info in this Case Study

Healthcare and Pharma

Having worked in the pharma industry since 2014, primarily in Business Development, our co-founder Ena is quite familiar with the industry. Zenos team benefits from her expertise when working with pharma companies, as she provides guidance and quality check of the work done. This was done in one of the projects with a company from this industry, and you can read more about the project in this Case Study 


Online learning has shown significant growth over the last decade, as the internet and education combine to provide people with the opportunity to obtain their degrees without leaving their home, as well as gain new skills. We are able to help online education providers not just with the admin and marketing services, but also with the update and improvement of their online learning systems. An example of our cooperation with an online University can be found in this Case Study

Translation and Localization

Being fluent in several languages (English, German, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian/Montenegrin) we are happy to help our clients with translation and localization, as we did for one of our clients when they decided to enter a new market with our support. You can read more about this project in this Case StudyFor all other language combinations, we are more than happy to recommend one of our clients who specializes in translation and localization, and who we supported in starting the business from scratch. More about this particular project and client can be found in this Case Study

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