SEO: What Is It? Why Is It Important?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) consists of a series of activities that should raise traffic on search engine pages. Good SEO means ranking high on a search engine in the unpaid section. Think of it this way: when you search for something on Google via keywords, you will usually check the first few results that are listed on the first page of the results. It’s unlikely that you will go further than that. So, the better place a particular website is on the search engines for the desired keyword means more free visits of potential customers and clients. This is achieved through improving the place in search results for targeted keywords.

Google search engine is the most used search engine in the world. But, beware, there is no one way to get a particular keyword to rank first on a search engine. There are only guidelines for improving the results and that can help you rank better on Google search engine.

Google’s algorithm

The rankings of search results are determined by Google’s algorithm. This algorithm remains secret, but there are some ideas about the important factors.

The factors in Google’s algorithm can be divided into two categories:

  1. On-page SEO factors

The ranking of your website is partly decided by on-page factors. You can influence these factors from your actual website. These factors include technical aspects (the quality of your code and site speed) and content-related aspects, like the structure of your website.

  1. Off-page SEO factors

These factors include links from other websites, social media attention, and other marketing activities outside your website. The number and quality of the links that are related to your website are the most important off-page factors. With better-quality, relevant sites that link to your website, your position in Google should be higher.

How to perform the optimization?

Website optimization includes editing its content, adding content, modifying HTML, and correlating specific keywords. Optimization also needs removing barriers to search engine indexing activities, backlinks, or inbound links, which is another SEO tactic. A good SEO tactic needs to increase the number of visitors from the search engine. Of course, the main goal is to make visitors into potential clients.

Why should you perform optimization?

  1. SEO is key for better visibility and branding. It means that if you can continually show in all these search results, you are gaining more mindshare with each potential customer. It raises the trust of potential customers and clients.
  2. SEO tactics help you build your business credibility. Your potential clients and customers may not realize it, but high search rankings make you more credible in their eyes.
  3. It brings you more business traffic. Of course, there are other strategies required to increase your revenue, but good SEO makes the first step: it brings potential clients to your doorstep.
  4. SEO doesn’t involve paying for ad space, you can think of it as a completely free advertisement.
  5. SEO helps you to stay ahead of your competitors and you can measure virtually every aspect of your results.

Optimizing a site is a complex, and often challenging, process. But if you are willing to invest resources and to create a good strategy you will see that it’s worth it. If you are still not sure why SEO is one of the best marketing tools in the present day, just give it a try. It is one of the best ways to reach your marketing goals.

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