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What’s It Like to Work for a Startup? Pros and Cons!

When I was looking for a job after finishing my bachelor’s, I honestly didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do, but I certainly knew what I don’t want to do: a job in the office, with just a few of the same tasks every day, boring staff meetings, etc. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but that was just not my cup of tea. I wanted something dynamic, with a lot of different tasks, where I would be forced to absorb many things quickly, and where I would wish I had that additional hour in the day.  😀

Guess what, that opportunity came out of nowhere, after more than a half year from when I applied for a job in this company. Honestly, I didn’t even remember that I’ve ever applied for the position of a Project Assistant. 


I’ve done a lot of work in the past couple of months, so now I can tell you more about what’s it like to work for a startup.

Let’s start with some pros. 

1. You feel like you are a part of a family. 

Yes, family, not a team! When you work in a startup, you need to give 110% of yourself because a lot of things depend on your work. The same is with the other members of the team. That somehow bonds you in a really short period of time and with all the ups and downs, you all connect really quickly. Besides that, in startups, in most cases, you work with a small number of people so you get to know all of them personally. After all, everyone around you shares the same desire for the business to succeed, so you can count on help anytime.  


2. Your voice is heard 

There’s a difference in the structure of command when you work at a company with only a few people. Strict control is not an option or a winning strategy. Startups need to grow fast. Otherwise, the market will crush you in a second. So, every idea, innovation, or proposition is more than welcome. This is your chance to participate in the growth of a business from the very first day. 


 3. You learn a lot 

I mean A LOT. In a startup, with no middle management, there is nobody between you and the founders, so you can learn from the best. Founders are also people with vision, innovators by character, creators, and you can see why it is amazing to learn from this kind of people. Besides that, you will learn how to solve problems quickly, approach challenges differently, and how to make the most out of your time and resources. 


But, of course, as in every aspect of life, there are some downsides. 

1. You don’t earn that much.  

All the money is directed towards brand awareness, product development, expanding the customer base, and all of the basic costs that non-entrepreneurs are not aware of at all. So, it is totally expected not to be paid as much as you deserve, (or as much as you think you do :D). Of course, that can be frustrating especially when you’re overwhelmed with so much work, but you need to know why you are in it – and money definitely can’t be your primary motivation. 


2. Job security 

With all the statistics related to startup failure, you just can’t be sure that you will have a job in the next 2 months. For people with kids, mortgages, or households which depend on their salary this can be a huge stress. But, honestly, with all this Covid-19 situation where big companies bankrupted overnight, there is no job security anywhere these days. After all, with all the experience you get in a startup, you probably won’t have a problem finding a new job.  


Besides this, there are other cons related to working for startups. I am aware of them all, but would I change my current job to work for some big company?  

No, no, and no! The amount of new things I learn every day is priceless. The empathy, help, and friendship I’ve experienced here can’t be found in a big company where 80% of people don’t even know you exist.  

And, in the end, the most important thing for me is having new opportunities every day to expand and explore myself, as well as my limits.

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